Our Staff

Mia Stockdale - Owner of Vail Mountain Bike Camps
Mia raced mountain bikes professionally for 10 years, earning several top five and top ten finishes on the National and World Cup circuit. She currently races regionally in mountain biking, triathlons, nordic skiing, trail running, and SUP racing. She is a BIC Regional Ambassador for SUP (stand up padddling). She started teaching sports at the age of 15 and has taught one sport or another for 38 years. She is truly passionate about teaching. She has owned and operated Vail Mountain Bike Camps for 22 years.

Shane Sluder - Owner of Vail Mountain Bike Camps
Shane raced mountain bikes for 15 years in Idaho as an expert. He is a great technical rider and bike mechanic. He has been the co-owner of Vail Mountain Bike Camps for 13 years now. He is one of the favorite instructors and just loves to teach.

Dawes Wilson
Dawes has worked with Vail Mountain Bike Camps for 22 years.  He is a local legend having competed in cycling, running and nordic skiing for over 30 years. He is a ski instructor for Vail Resorts and his teaching skills are the best around.
Mark Nesline
Mark has worked with Vail Mountain Bike Camps for 6 years. He has raced his mountain bike for 8 years and specializes in 50 and 100 mile races. He has worked hard on his technical skills over the years and has really become a great technical rider. He is a great teacher and the kids really enjoy riding with him.

Gina Huggins
Gina has worked with Vail Mountain Bike Camps for 2 years. She has been riding mountain bikes for over 15 years. She has coached skiing for Ski and Snowboard Club Vail for 10 years and is a born teacher. She loves to teach.

Liam Clevenger
Liam has attended Vail Mountain Bike Camps for 8 years. He came to the Kid's Camps for 4 years and then the Race Academy program for 4 years. He has worked for Vail Mountain Bike Camps for 2 years now. He races his mountain bike all the time; it is his true passion. He is getting faster all the time. We just love having Liam work with us.

Karen Tremaine
Karen raced mountain bikes professionally with Mia for 10 years. She currently still races, specializing in multi-day stage races. She owns a cycling clothing company called Cogma Bikewear. She teaches the Women's Weekends with Mia and Shane and is a great friend.


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